Technical information

  • 3+
  • 20,0x13,0x7,0m
  • 16,3x23,92m
  • 75
  • 2,37m


The Fantastic Cities:  Imposing structures that allow children.

The Fantastic Cities are large-scale multi-purpose towers that can be seen to maximum effect in large urban open spaces.

The towers are immediately identifiable thanks to their carefully worked design, taking children into another era, opening up multiple opportunities for play and fantasy stories. With their impressive size, majestic combinations of shapes (square, octagonal or cross-shaped), and colours, and rich details, these towers take their users into an imaginary world.

Metropolis is the city of the future, in which ultra-modern architecture combines with mechanical elements of a bygone age. The portholes, propellers, periscopes and gears provide strong visual effects that give full rein to creative imaginations. The big towers turn into laboratories for exploration, time machines or modern-day vessels.

The Medieval City with its tall towers conjures up a wonderful imaginary land where knights and princesses occupy the key roles. Within the Amazon Village, children soon turn into explorers, real modern-day heroes following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones.

The design of the Amazon towers includes Mayan relics as well sacred totems representing animals and mythical creatures.

Technical specification:

  • The coloured panels are made with a compact material 13mm thick. It is made up of 70% of softwood fibres and 30% of thermosetting resin, and it stands up to weathering very well (sun, rain, damp, etc.). The coloured surfaces are treated with products based on coloured acrylic polyurethane resins; this enables them to stand up well to UV radiation and resist damage.
  • The 125mm diameter posts and the 95mm square posts are made of lacquered galvanised steel. The two-tone grey graining finish has a slightly undulating surface for increased scratch resistance. The caps are made of injection moulded polyamide.
  • The platform floors are machined from 22mm plywood panels made up of fine layers of birch. The surface is coated with a non-slip phenolic resin.
  • The tubes are made of stainless steel, diameter 40mm, guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability of the equipment. Injection moulded polyamide fixings connect the posts to the platforms and the various play features.
  • The tubular slide is made of stainless steel.
  • The sliding surface is made of stainless steel 2mm thick, shaped, bent and rolled in one piece.
  • The “Kayak” slide is made of rotary moulded polyethylene.
  • The steps of the catwalk are made with a non-slip rubber overmould.
  • The tunnel is made up of polyethylene, 450mm in diameter.
  • The gangway floor is made of solid wood planks, with rubber elements between the planks to avoid all risk of catching a finger.
  • The balconies are made of 3mm perforated aluminium sheet coated with a polyester epoxy lacquer.
  • The stainless steel fixings are protected by polyamide anti-vandalism caps.

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