Technical information

  • 6+
  • 7,6 x 2 x 3,6 m


Technical specification:

  • Galvanised, painted steel posts 95 x 95mm guarantee long term durability. The posts are protected by injected polyamide caps.
  • The panels are made up of pressed gratings (Load bearing bars: 30 x 2mm, Cross bars: 6mm square) and flat 30 x 5mm edge strips. Panels are available in two dimensions: 1.15 x 1m and 2.4 x 1m. Hot galvanisation ensures a high level of protection for the panels against corrosion.
  • The handrails 50 x 30 x 2mm are immersed in a bath of hot zinc and further protected by the application of a green, epoxy paint. The handrails are attached to the panels using stainless steel fixings.
  • The basket support is made from galvanised steel 100 x 100 x 4mm. The backboard is manufactured from 13mm, orange compact composite and the ring from galvanised steel.
  • The stainless steel fixings are protected by polyamide anti-vandalism caps.

The product is manufactured according to the official standard EN 15312 (2010) +A1.

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