• 2-6y
  • 2,56x1,27x1,98m
  • 5,60x4,30m
  • 6
  • 0,6m


Technical specification:

  • The painted panels are 22mm thick and made up of layers of very high quality birch which are waterproofed with a coat of phenolic resin. The edges are then sealed and 3 coats of polyurethane paint are automatically applied to each face and edge.
  • The platform is made from a textured and non-slip compact material (HPL), 12.5mm thick.
  • The tubes are made of stainless steel, diameter 40mm, guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability of the equipment. Injection moulded polyamide fixings connect the posts with the platforms and the various play features. They are non-toxic, flame shock and UV resistant. The thickness of the polyamide makes the equipement both strong and vandal resistant.
  • The “Trunk” element is made up of a polyethylene tunnel 450mm in diameter.
  • The stainless steel fixings are protected by polyamide anti-vandal caps.


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