Technical information

  • 2+
  • 3,9x2,9x2,6m
  • 6,39x7,11m
  • 16
  • 1,8m


Tema: Promoting imagination and storytelling. The TEMA range provides a stage to live and act out stories.

It consists of 6 worlds (City, Adventure, Metropolis, Aquatica, Amazonia, Castello) in which children aged 2 to 8 years can relive the wonderful adventures of the heroes they have read about. The circular platforms, at heights of 97 and 117 cm, are all designed around a single central mast, covered with elements, shapes and colours representing the theme. They are reached via 4 interchangeable elements, including a slide, climbing wall, inclined bridge, fireman.

Technical specification:

  • The coloured panels are made from a 13mm thick compact material (HPL). Robust in construction, it offers excellent resistance to weathering and vandalism.
  • The platforms are made from a 12.5mm thick, textured, non-slip compact material (HPL). Further reinforcement is provided by galvanised steel supports.
  • The steps, the inclined elements and the climbing walls are made from a 12.5mm thick, textured, non-slip compact material (HPL).
  • The tubes are made of stainless steel, diameter 40mm, guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability of the equipment. Injection moulded polyamide fixings are non-toxic, non-flammable, shock resistant and ultraviolet radiation resistant. They give the units their sturdiness and help them to stand up to vandalism.
  • The ropes are made of galvanised steel cable covered with polypropylene. Injection moulded polyamide connectors link the cables and keep the nets in shape.
  • The sliding surface is made of stainless steel 2mm thick, shaped, bent and rolled in one piece.
  • The climbing holds are made of polypropylene. They are non-toxic, non-flammable and shock and UV resistant.
  • The fixings are made of stainless steel and protected by anti-vandalism polyamide caps.

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