• 6+
  • 8,72x6,94x3,20m
  • 12,4x10,5m
  • 22
  • 2,90m


Ixo: Talking the language of the pre-teens. With its smooth lines and contemporary design, IXO is equally at home in rural or urban settings. The wide variety of testing elements gives it widespread, long lasting appeal for junior users in any playground.

Technical specification:

  • The 125mm round posts are made of laminated timber, which have not been treated with chrome or arsenic. Splinter-free, the laminate provides great strength and dimensional stability. The posts are protected from wear and tear caused by fungi, insects and termites.
  • Metal version: The 125mm diameter posts are made of lacquered galvanised steel. The two-tone grey graining finish has a slightly undulating surface for increased scratch resistance. The caps are made of injection moulded polyamide.
  • The platforms are made from a 12.5mm thick, textured, non-slip compact material (HPL). Further reinforcement is provided by lacquered galvanised steel supports, located on the underside of the platforms.
  • The tubes are made of stainless steel guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability of the equipment. Injection moulded polyamide fixings are non-toxic, non-flammable, shock resistant and ultraviolet radiation resistant. They give the units their sturdiness and help them to stand up to vandalism.
  • The ropes are made of galvanised steel cable covered with polypropylene. Injection moulded polyamide connectors link the cables and keep the nets in shape.
  • The climbing holds are made of polyamide for its strength and rigidity. Injection moulded polyamide fixings connect the posts with the platforms and the various play feautures.
  • The fixings are made of stainless steel and are protected by polyamide anti-vandal caps.

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