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  • 14+
  • 3,5x4,0m
  • 1
  • 0,50m


The real outdoor gym!

Polysafe Luxury seats
Durable seating system which provides a soft and ergonomic supports to the user, just like a gym.
Superior Build Quality
Complete hot galvanization, unique stainless screws and chromatic pins separates our standard and delivers a safe, durable and high value outdoor gym for everybody.

User Controlled Hydraulic Piston
Just like in a real gym, our patented piston provides 8 levels of resistance (up to 150KG) allowing beginners and fitness enthusiastics alike to exercise in public settings. The bi-directional action function of our patented piston provides for a full range
of motion, allowing the muscles to extend and contract.
Guaranteed for over 1,000,000 repetitions and with our 3 protection mechanisms our patented piston offers superior durability and functionality for years to come.
Urbanix is the real gym, outdoors.

The Rowing Machine provides extensive and intense exercise. It works several muscle groups at once such as the shoulders, upper back and arms.

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