Technical information

  • 14+
  • 80kg
  • 4,0x4,6m
  • 2
  • 0,80m


The real outdoor gym!

Polysafe Luxury seats
Durable seating system which provides a soft and ergonomic supports to the user, just like a gym.
Superior Build Quality
Complete hot galvanization, unique stainless screws and chromatic pins separates our standard and delivers a safe, durable and high value outdoor gym for everybody.

User Controlled Hydraulic Piston
Just like in a real gym, our patented piston provides 8 levels of resistance (up to 150KG) allowing beginners and fitness enthusiastics alike to exercise in public settings. The bi-directional action function of our patented piston provides for a full range
of motion, allowing the muscles to extend and contract.
Guaranteed for over 1,000,000 repetitions and with our 3 protection mechanisms our patented piston offers superior durability and functionality for years to come.
Urbanix is the real gym, outdoors.

The Chin-Up and Dip Station focuses on developing upper body muscles, particulary the back and biceps.


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