Technical information

  • 2+
  • 2,3 x 0,3 x 0,72m
  • 4
  • 0,75m


  • The 90x90mm square tubes are made of galvanised steel, ensuring robustness and durability of the equipment.
  • The seats are made from a 13mm thick compact material (HPL). Robust in construction, it offers excellent resistance to weathering and vandalism.
  • The springs are made from Grade 35SCD6 steel, shot blasted, stress relieved, zinc coated and finished with two coats of epoxy polyester powder. Proludic have patented an exceptionally strong and secure polyamide fixing for the spring, ensuring a long product life.
  • The handles are made of galvanised, painted steel.
  • The stainless steel fixings are protected by polyamide anti-vandalism caps.

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