Technical information

  • 10+
  • 1,22 x 1,14 x 1,35 m
  • 4,16x4,23m
  • 2


Technical specification:

  • The 125mm diameter posts are made of lacquered galvanised steel. The two-tone grey graining finish has a slightly undulating surface for increased scratch resistance. The caps are made of injection moulded polyamide.
  • The tubes are made of stainless steel guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability of the equipment. The platforms and the various play features are connected to the posts by injection moulded polyamide fixings that are non-toxic, non-flammable, shock resistant and ultraviolet radiation resistant. They give the units their sturdi- ness and help them to stand up to vandalism.
  • Adjustment system enabling users to set the effort levels to suit their abilities.
  • The ergonomic shape of the two arms and the flat rubber backrest provide a comfortable, effortless suspension position for efficient work on the abdominal muscles. The ergonomic rubber handles give flexible support for the hands during full suspension.
  • The stainless steel fixings are protected by polyamide anti-vandal caps.


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